Protective Mattress Covers and Mattress Encasements

Order a protective mattress cover or mattress encasement and when we clean your mattress we will refund the charge for delivery. This will be on top of any other discount you receive and of course assuming we cover your area. Just ask us at the time of your enquiry or booking.

Dust Mite Barrier

All of our protective mattress covers and mattress encasements are designed to be fully breathable yet waterproof and will protect the mattress from Dust Mites and allergens. They are also machineBug Lock washable at 60°and can be tumble dried.

Mattress protectors come in two types. 'Mattress covers' which are like a fitted sheet and go on one side of the mattress only or a 'mattress encasement', which zips up and covers all round the mattress like a sealed envelope - ours come with a patented 'Bug Lock & Secure Seal' system, guaranteed to prevent bed bugs, dust mites and allergens getting in or out!


Bed Bug ProofWe always recommend having the mattress professionally cleaned before fitting a mattress cover or encasement to ensure you're not just incubating any dust mites, allergens and dust that might be present. If you'd like tofind out about having your mattress cleaned either click here or call us on the number above.