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I slept properly, without my inhaler or anti-histamines, for the first time in months. A miracle! – Mr. A. Azhar

Facts About Dust Mites

  • Beds are a prime habitat (where 1/3 of our life occurs). A typical used mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside.Silence this mites with Silent Mites
  • The dust mite’s Latin name translates as ‘skin-eating spider’
  • Dust Mites prefer warm, moist surroundings such as the inside of a mattress when someone is on it.
  • We fill our lungs up to 20,000 times each day. Over time, contaminants can cause allergies, inflammation of the mucous membrane, upper respiratory problems, asthmatic conditions, headaches and flu-like symptoms.
  • The National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine reports that exposure to indoor pollutants is a key contributor to asthma problems.
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