Thanks to your expert treatment to my sons bed and duvet, his coughing at night has now ceased to be a problem

Mr. S. McGovern



Peace of mind: We can handle any of your carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning needs. We are fully insured and trained by one of the UK’s top carpet cleaning companies. All the products we use are British Standard approved as well as Woolsafe and we will ensure the highest standards and the greatest possible care is taken to make sure you have the best finish possible. So if you want a professional and experienced carpet cleaner then look no further.

Before we start: Even an experienced carpet cleaner can’t give you an accurate quote over the phone, so we would need to see your carpet to assess it’s condition, types of marks and discuss what can be achieved before we can give you a price. We will then fix a time with you to do the job. Unlike some carpet cleaning companies we don’t believe in being late and we don’t give you an afternoon or morning slot so you’re hanging around for hours, we will give you a precise time for us to arrive. All you need to do is clear the carpet of any loose or odd items such as clothing, shoes and bits and bobs before we start. Don’t worry about moving any furniture we will take care of any moveable items for you.

When we start: We are a professional carpet cleaner so we take care around your house and lay down a protective sheet where our machine is positioned and wear overshoes which we will give to you as well to wear. On most occasions we will pre-vacuum the carpet first with our high powered machine, this will not only remove loose soil embedded in the pile but also separate the pile and allow the pre-spray to penetrate the carpet more effectively. We then use a very powerful high pressure rinse with a twin vacuum extraction machine, which will achieve really great results and also reduce the drying time to a minimum. Any marks not removed at this stage will then be individually removed by hand. Finally, our carpet cleaning service will be completed by brushing the pile and aligning it in one direction to give a beautiful even and finished look.



We employ the same principles for cleaning fabric and leather sofas as we do for cleaning carpets. We take great pride in our work but it may not always be possible to remove every mark. Sometimes, it can vary from job to job depending on the age of the mark, type of carpet/fabric and if you have tried to remove it already. Generally though, difficult marks from oil to blood, drink stains from juice to coffee and general traffic marks can be removed successfully, even ink marks if they are soluble. We also offer a virtually dry method of upholstery cleaning which you may find useful.

Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning

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