Prices start from £10 for a cot bed.

Whether it’s urine from a family member or a beloved but naughty pet, we will ensure your mattress is treated thoroughly and professionally to sanitise it, deodorise it and if there is any mark to remove that too. For this we use our special 3 step process to ensure its treated more effectively then anyone else.

STEAM CAN BE HARMFUL: Firstly, we never recommend using steam on a mattress as this can damage some mattresses and also leave it full of humidity and lead to a dramatic rise in the dust mite population.

The first action necessary is to remove any of the dust inside the mattress that would have absorbed the urine and got contaminated. There may be an odour which will be coming from the trapped and contaminated dust inside the mattress so this is the first step to deoderise it. Our machine also has a twin germicidal light on it which will kill germs and start the sanitising process.

After we have done this we will then clean the surface of the mattress using a powerful sanitizer and deoderiser and then another product specifically for urine, to ensure that any remaining odour is neutralized making it almost 100% effective. Finally we use a combination of products to remove any stain and the sooner you call us round to remove the mark the more likely it is to come out easily.