We have been specialising in cleaning mattresses since 2003 and you won't find a company who has more experience. Prices start from £10 for a cot bed.

STEAM CAN BE HARMFUL: There is no need to make a mattress damp unless it has stains or a bad odour and we would never recommend using steam, which can damage some mattresses and leave them full of humidity causing a massive rise in the dust mite population. With our dry and organic process you will be able to make the bed straight away.

We'd recommend this type of mattress cleaning for general hygiene in such instances where it has never been cleaned before and you want to safely sanitise the mattress, remove all the dust and dust mites and allergens inside the mattress. Or maybe it's been in storage or you have had building work and its dusty or someone else has been using the bed. Whatever the reason, this dry and organic process is ideal and it can also be used on duvets, pillows, carpets, sofas, rugs, cushions, headboards and heavy curtains.

Discounts are available of up to 45% for multiple mattresses or items in residential and commercial situations. Please call for a FREE no-obligation quote or fill out our online form.

Mattress Cleaning Process for General Hygiene & Dust Mites

  1. Remove Dead Flakes of Skin, Dust Mites & their waste, other debris & Allergens
    An incredibly powerful, specially engineered portable cleaning device generates enormous suction and vibration, shaking any dustHygienitech and debris free and then sucking it into a HEPA filter bag, which retains 99.97% of anything 0.3 microns or bigger.
  2. Kill Dust Mites, Germs, Bacteria, Viruses and Destroy Mould, Pollen and Spores
    The powerful suction process is combined with a germ killing high intensity UV light, which works in unison to pulverise the dust mites, bacteria and fungal spores. UV light is better known for its use in places such as laboratories, hospitals and even air purifiers.
  3. Neutralise any Harmful Dust Mite and Pet Allergens on surfaces
    An organic spray, which is completely harmless to humans and animals is applied. It is entirely plant-based and requires no airing. Once we’ve finished you can make the bed up straight away.